What is Perception?


Perception is a word used in the sense of cognition, awareness, and identification. In marketing, it is a very important factor that influences customer behavior.

Perception is how customers perceive products and services.

In the customer journey in Marketing 4.0 and Marketing 5.0, customer behavior is modeled in terms of the “5As,” or “awareness, appeal, research, action, and recommendation. Perception means awareness, not recognition. Today, customer behavior is extremely complex, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for mere recognition to lead to purchase.

In addition to knowing = awareness, how you think = perception will also be important in designing your marketing strategy.

Perception is a concept that delves deeply into how a product or service is perceived in the customer’s mind. Unlike the state in which a customer knows the name of a product or service (perception), the state in which a customer knows what benefits the product or service will provide has a significant impact on the customer’s purchasing decision. This awareness will also lead to different purchasing scenarios.

For a product or service to sell, it is necessary to make people understand its value and change their perception so that they want to buy it. To do this, it is essential to start by understanding the customer’s problem. Being able to clearly identify what the customer’s problem is and how it can be solved is a major factor in selecting the right product.

Perception Examples

Now let’s look at some examples of perception. Perception, or the customer’s perception of a brand, is important for both product development and brand positioning. It is also a very important factor to take into account when rebranding. For example, a rebranding that ignores customer perception can lead to customer churn.

  • Tesla Motors, Luxury Fast electric car manufacturer
  • Suzuki, Low-priced small car maker
  • Nitori, Furniture manufacturer with cheap prices and good quality
  • Asahi Super, Dry sharp beer
  • McDonald’s, Low-priced hamburger chain
  • Yoshinoya, Good, fast and easy beef bowl restaurant for men
  • Gusto, Inexpensive and family-friendly restaurant

5A Perception Diagnosis

transcosmos is now offering the 5A Perception Diagnosis Service. Developed based on Kotler’s Marketing 4.0/5.0 concept, this is a one-stop quantitative visualization service for comprehensive brand diagnosis that compares your company with your competitors. We provide support from the results of the diagnostic service in the target country market to marketing strategy planning.

The 5A Perception Diagnosis consists of the 5A Survey and Perception Diagnosis. The 5A Survey measures the 5As advocated in Kotler’s “Marketing 4.0/5.0” and compares the company and its competitors using 11 indicators, visualize your company’s 5As and identify the structure of loyalty. It also organizes pre- and post-purchase touchpoints to compare your company with your competitors and identify key touchpoints that influence purchases and recommendations.

The Perception Diagnosis identifies what is important to consumers in the target market in terms of preferences and purchases, and what is important in terms of recommendation behavior.

Introduction of 5A Loyalty Diagnosis service; Part 3: What is Perception Diagnosis?(5 part series)

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