5A Loyalty Diagnosis

Would you like to work on loyalty Marketing using the metrics proposed by Philip Kotler, the “father of modern marketing”?

5A Loyalty Diagnosis, what is ”5A” ?

The “5A Loyalty Diagnosis” is a diagnostic tool for loyalty marketing strategies provided by transcosmos. 5A (five A) is a new customer journey introduced in Philip Kotler’s book “Marketing 4.0”. The five A’s represent Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, and Advocate, respectively.

We are the only company in Japan capable of measuring this original 5A indicator. We will also support you in developing a loyalty marketing strategy for the digital age.

Are you ready for the new marketing environment?

Creating fans – Creating loyalty customers

The marketing environment has changed dramatically with shrinking market size due to declining population and intensifying competitive environment. By increasing the number of loyal customers = customers who are loyal to the company, it will reduce customer defection rates, increase retention rates and annual purchase amounts, and increase corporate value.

Strengthen your brand – Become a brand people advocate

In this DX era, the way brands are communicated has changed dramatically. In addition to traditional mass advertising, it is necessary to strengthen “brand power” by providing new services and functions through brand websites, SNS, and real stores, as well as by extending and devising new points of contact. There, an honest and truthful communication is required.

Responding to your customer needs – Determining customer needs

According to a household survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, consumption expenditures per household in 2020 has declined by 5.3% in real terms, leaving consumers with tight purse strings. In this challenging environment, we need to understand how to correctly identify customer needs and provide the right services that meet those needs.

About our service:Three diagnoses package

Our service can quantitatively visualize the ways the company should to appeal “to whom, what needs, and which methods” and manage loyalty in an integrated manner by conducting 3 diagnosis: 5A, CX, and Perception. We offer the best diagnostic plan along your target market and customer situation.

5A Loyalty Diagnosis:Strategic planning to increase loyalty

Until now, the goal of marketing strategy has been the purchase of a product. However, in an increasingly digital society, it is important to create “fans” who will actively recommend a brand.
As the market shrinks and it becomes increasingly difficult to attract new customers, existing customers must be nurtured into “fans” in order to generate stable revenue.
The “5A Diagnosis” provided by our company is a marketing indicator directly derived from the teachings of Philip Kotler, the “father of modern marketing. We can visualize your company’s loyalty structure using the customer journey “5As” introduced in Kotler’s book “Marketing 4.0”. We will then support you in developing specific and efficient strategies to strengthen that loyalty.

Perception Diagnosis:Grasping potential needs

Today, commoditization (the disappearance of differences among products) has occurred in all industries, and price competition has intensified. In order to survive in this environment, it is necessary to identify consumers’ lifestyle behavior and the issues they face in their daily lives, and to provide unique services and products.
Our “Perception Diagnosis” quantifies the image consumers have toward your brands and services, as well as the needs they are focusing on. It can quantitatively depict the question that companies have: What needs should they appeal to? It is possible to identify potential needs of consumers derived from the diagnostic results and simulate sales.

CX Diagnosis:Integrated customer experience management

In the DX era, it is not possible to increase brand power simply by raising awareness through commercials and mass advertising as in the past. As digitization permeates society, opportunities for customer contact have increased significantly and continue to expand in brand sites, social networking sites, and online shopping. The conventional “customer satisfaction=CS” is only a part of how a brand is judged, and from now on, it is necessary to optimize the “customer experience=CX”, which starts long before the encounter with the product and continues long after the purchase.
Our “CX Diagnosis” service organizes the touch points that exist before and after the purchase, and compares the scores of each item between your company and your competitors. It also identifies key touchpoints that influence purchases and recommendations and diagnose strengths and weaknesses.

Research results: more than 100 brands
Target industries: finance, insurance, apparel (clothing, shoes), pharmaceuticals, food, automobiles, etc.

Example of outputs

5A Loyalty Diagnosis

The 5A Diagnosis measures the 5As, an original metric introduced in Philip Kotler’s “Marketing 4.0”. The five A’s represent “Aware,” “Appeal,” “Ask,” “Act,” and “Advocate,” respectively, and the ideal shape formed by the five indicators is considered a bow tie. You can see the issues and segment trends for each of the current brands and services.

Perception Diagnosis

It identifies what consumers in the target market consider important in their preferences and purchases, as well as what is important in their recommendation behavior. We can analyze the consumer needs axis and needs structure by organizing the brand attribute evaluation of the target market.

CX Diagnosis

It allows you to organize in detail the pre- and post-purchase touchpoints of your target market and visualize the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your competitors at each of these touchpoints.
You will know “which method” to use to approach the segments identified in the 5A Diagnosis.

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