What is Sensing Technology


What is sensing technology? With the expansion of IoT, various objects such as home appliances and cars are connected to the Internet these days, and sensing technology is one of the essential technologies for IoT. It is a technology that is gaining attention in corporate marketing as a way to collect offline data from customers. Make sure you understand what sensing technology is and consider using these technologies for high-quality marketing.

What is Sensing Technology

This is a generic term for technologies that measure and quantify various types of information through sensors. Sensors detect some kind of movement or condition of the object (temperature, humidity, brightness, volume, weight, pressure, vibration, etc.) accumulate data, and output. By combining this with other mechanisms such as AI, various actions become possible.

Examples of Sensing Technology Applications

The scope of sensing technology is extremely broad, and there are all kinds of sensors in the world. Sensing technology is used in systems that prevent disasters and accidents and support social infrastructure, in agricultural systems that automatically water according to temperature and sunlight levels, and in familiar applications such as the smartwatch function that measures heart rate and body temperature and presents an exercise program. As cloud computing and AI become more common, there is a growing movement to utilize data accumulated by multiple sensors as big data to realize a better society.

What is the importance of sensing technology in marketing

In modern marketing, it is important to understand the customer and to provide the best-personalized approach, but high-quality data acquisition and analysis, both on and offline, are essential to understanding the customer. Digitalization has led to the use of digital technology in real stores, but it is not as simple as just making everything digital. For example, some customers are more likely to be impressed if the information is sent by regular mail, which increases their willingness to buy.

The five human senses are an important element in marketing. This is because no matter how much digitalization advances, human beings are creatures that are greatly influenced by their emotions and senses, and what customers unconsciously perceive often influences their decision-making. Influencing customers’ senses and causing them to change their attitudes is called sensory marketing, and it is attracting attention as a theme that will become increasingly important in the future as products can no longer be differentiated by their functions and performance due to commoditization. By utilizing sensing technology, it is possible to collect and accumulate a vast amount of real customer data with high accuracy. If this data is combined with online data and analyzed, sensory marketing that targets even the unconsciousness of customers can lead to the realization of a major advantage for your company.